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Who are some successful forex traders in South Africa?

by admin   ·  November 20, 2023   ·  

South Africa’s Forex Trading Pioneers: Successful Traders Who Inspire

South Africa has emerged as a hub for forex trading in recent years, and its financial markets have produced a cadre of successful traders who have made their mark globally. In this article, we shine a light on some of the successful forex traders in South Africa who have garnered attention and admiration for their achievements.

1. Sandile Shezi

The Young Visionary: Sandile Shezi is one of South Africa’s most well-known forex traders. He gained fame for turning a modest investment into a considerable fortune while still in his early twenties. Shezi is the founder of the Global Forex Institute, which aims to provide forex education to aspiring traders.

2. George van der Riet

The Trading Mentor: George van der Riet is a co-founder of the Global Forex Institute alongside Sandile Shezi. He is known for his extensive trading experience and commitment to educating others. Van der Riet’s journey from a part-time trader to a mentor has inspired many South Africans to explore forex trading.

3. Jabulani Ngcobo

The Forex Trader Entrepreneur: Jabulani Ngcobo, also known as “Cashflow Ngcobo,” is a prominent forex trader and entrepreneur. He founded the Cashflow Pro trading platform and has authored books on forex trading. Ngcobo’s story of rags to riches has made him a notable figure in South Africa’s trading community.

4. Ref Wayne

The Young Millionaire: Ref Wayne is another young forex trader from South Africa who achieved millionaire status through trading. He is the founder of the African Forex Institute and has a substantial following on social media platforms where he shares his trading insights.

5. Nelisiwe Masango

Breaking Barriers: Nelisiwe Masango is a successful female forex trader who has broken gender barriers in the industry. She is known for her commitment to empowering women in forex trading through her organization, Women in Forex.

6. Louis Jr Tshakoane

The Financial Educator: Louis Jr Tshakoane, also known as “Mr. Forex,” is a forex educator and trader. He founded the Forex Broker Killer Institution, where he shares trading knowledge and strategies with the South African public.


These successful forex traders from South Africa have not only achieved financial success but have also contributed to the growth and education of the forex trading community in the country. Their stories serve as inspiration for aspiring traders, demonstrating that success in forex trading is attainable with dedication, education, and the right mindset. While their journeys may have had their share of challenges, these individuals have proven that South Africa has a thriving and dynamic forex trading scene.

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